Balance Escalation

The Synonymy of Balance and Motion



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Balance is a much-needed (and often-forgotten) area of focus for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance.  Balance Escalation is a workout designed to strategically, three-dimensionally, and sequentially improve balance.  Balance is a component of fitness that dramatically influences one's strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.  This workout properly blends balance with motion to greater expand one's functional threshold to allow one to better perform in any task, activity, or sport.  A great feature of this workout is how it uses authentic motion - such as foot "drivers" and hand "drivers" - to train the body to be functionally stable.  NO EQUIPMENT IS NECESSARY!! Balance Escalation is immensely empowering as it can be easily "tweaked" up or down to meet one's success level.  It is a vital part of any and all training programs in order to increase performance!

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Learning Objectives

  1. Understand importance of motion in balance training.
  2. Utilize authentic drivers (hands and feet) to facilitate a variety of movements that focus on loading (lengthening) both the back hip (glute) and front hip (hip flexor) three-dimensionally.
  3. Experience a logical sequencing and blending of various matrices (three-dimensional organization of movements), including reaches, swings, balance lunges, lunges with balance, balance lunges with balance, and hopping jacks.
  4. Incorporate all three planes of motion into functional training.
  5. Undergo training that synergistically blends flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance.

Course Procedure

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Course Content

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