The Time of Transformation



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Gary Gray says balance is the key to everything. He has worked with everything from senior citizens to world class athletes and what he believes distinguishes a successful athlete isn’t only their strength, stamina, or speed, it’s often their ability to balance and to recover quickly. In this course, Gary explores the exciting functional world of balance. Accompany Gary as he explains the pure essence of balance and displays training techniques such as the Balance Matrix Warm-Up and Balance Reach Tests in three-dimensions. Join us as we discuss the unique life function of balance!

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this online course you will be able to do the following: (1) Understand that balance is to be studied, tested and trained in motion, not is stillness (2) Appreciate that balance is functionally understood three dimensionally (3) Realize that balance is a multiplicity of the integration of all the systems of the body (4) View balance as loading, facilitating transformation and exploding (5) Test successful balance, tweaking towards clinically controlled instability to facilitate expanding the thresholds of functional balance (6) Turn on phone lines that are within the body but have not been appropriately called upon (7) Utilize the functional drivers and balance reach tasks (8) Create fun with balance

Course Content

Balance Functional UnderstandingVideo(Required)
Balance Functional AnalysisVideo(Required)
Balance Functional RehabilitationVideo(Required)
Balance Rehabilitation DebriefVideo(Required)
Balance Functional TrainingVideo(Required)