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The online course at hand is Strength and Power in regards to rehabilitation and training. The importance of functional strategies regarding power training with emphasis on speed, loading and unloading, and Transformational Zones (where change of direction occurs) is explained in fine detail. Focus is sharpened by the utilization of Matrices (logical, three-dimensional exercises) for which to develop functional power. Included in these strategies are “Tweakology” techniques created through changes in directions, heights, and distances that are applicable to the progression of any evaluation, rehabilitation, and/or training with patients/clients. The uses of dumbbells, medicine balls, and other exercise equipment are incorporated into exercises within this current course to provide examples of functional strength and power. This in-depth look at functional training is great for any trainer, therapist, or professional seeking to gain further understanding on functional strength and power.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Assimilate up-to-date information and knowledge of function and its dependencies on the rest of the body.
  2. Understand and appreciate the tri-plane principles as they apply to function.
  3. Learn how to apply effective functional techniques when testing, training, and rehabilitating.

Course Content

Strength/PowerStreaming Video(Required)
Strength/PowerOnline Test(Required)