Functional Behavioral Specialist

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As health, fitness, and wellness professionals, our goal is simple: help clients reach their goals. Though, it seems that despite our very best efforts, more often than not, our clients struggle to bridge the GAP between where they are and where want to be. Why is that? Are people inherently lazy, lacking discipline and will-power, or is there something more to be considered? The problem with behavior change is there's too much emphasis on changing behavior and too little attention dedicated to creating awareness and understanding of oneself. We must dig deeper to understand what drives behavior, how personal experiences shape our identity, and why addressing our client's symptom patterns keeps them trapped inside of them. As a Functional Behavioral Specialist (FBS), you'll have a unique opportunity to position yourself as more than a vehicle to a good workout, treatment or meal plan, play a more significant role in your client's transformative process, and earn a healthy income, proportionate to the value you create.

Is this for me…

Do you find that your clients:

  • Come out of the gate running, motivated and strong-willed, but their efforts are sporadic and short-lived?

  • Wrestle with self-criticism and self-doubt, and despite your encouragement and support, they continue to struggle?

  • Make progress but end up engaging self-sabotaging behaviors and fall back into protective ways of being?

  • Encounter painful feelings and you want to help, but you worry about crossing boundaries and getting too involved?

  • Lack of results cause you to take yourself too seriously, leading to feelings of professional ineffectiveness and inferiority?

If so, we designed the Functional Behavioral Specialist (FBS) workshop to solve these common problems!

What is a Functional Behavioral Specialist?

Functional: designed for practicality and usefulness based on the wants and needs of the Individual

Behavioral: a form of expression driven by what one believes about themselves

Specialist: one who creates leaders and helps others solve interesting problems

*Click here to watch the Intro to the Functional Behavioral System

The Functional Behavioral Specialist (FBS) workshop…

As agents of change, we're hired to enhance our clients' Body, but it's their Mind holding them back, and their Spirit that suffers. You will learn how to approach change from the inside-out, by working through the Mind to uplift the Spirit and transform the Body. A Mind-First Approach® revolutionizes and dynamically enhances the client experience, as it fundamentally transitions the focus from victim to catalyst, problems to solutions, symptoms to causes, behaviors to beliefs, action to awareness, health to happiness, motivation to inspiration, resources to resourcefulness, and success to significance. A change in behavior is not near as crucial as an elevation in consciousness and shift in paradigm and we have the honor and privilege of participating in this fitness revolution. Our industry is perfectly positioned to create an Environment that facilitates transformation of the Whole Person: MindBodySpirit.®

  • Empowers professionals with a principle-based system to effectively manage conversations that expose the resistance between where clients are and want to be. This revelation redirects attention towards the root causes of protective behavior and differentiates effort from right effort, conserving the resources of energy and time.

  • Explores and dissects the mechanics of how goals are approached to aid professionals in understanding and appreciating why most change initiatives fail; furthermore, how to appropriately tweak their methodology and build success directly into their programs. Immediately, clients will be positioned as the solution to their own situation, allowing the practitioner to remain in their rightful position, as a guide, minimizing the possibilities of creating codependent relationships, which ultimately dis-empowers the client.

  • Reveals reframing techniques that shift the notion of self-care from obligation (no-pain-no-gain) to opportunity (no-pain-all-gain), so effort can be experienced as an expression of personal values. Physical and tactical efforts are delayed to create space for the development of a mental and strategic plan that incorporates the practices, rituals, and habits that lend themselves to a lifestyle marked by long-term satisfaction.

"The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Live Event

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 North River Road Rosemont, IL

Sep 21 2019 7:30am - Sep 22 2019 5:00pm

Learning Objectives

1. Identify a set of principles that supports constructive thinking and promotes sound decision-making

2. Expose the resistance that keeps your clients from becoming whom they want to be

3. Access the mental frameworks that will guide your conversations and build success into your approach

4. Avoid wasting time by learning how to differentiate behavioral causes from compensations and symptoms

5. Redefine how success is measured to draw attention towards effort and away from the outcome

6. Engage self-acceptance practices that lead to enjoyable, rewarding, and sustainable self-improvement initiatives

7. Explore reframing techniques that widen your clients perspectives, naturally leading to constructive, encouraging,and redefining behaviors

8. Integrate powerful, contemplative practices, revealing the significant role silence plays in the change process

9. Position your clients to express their values, improving intrinsic worth and creating a bright life of purpose and meaning

10. Liberate your clients by untangling their painful experiences from their identity

Course Content

Functional Behavioral Specialist