Chain Reaction™ Proprioceptors

The Organizers of Coordinated Movement



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This module provides insights into proprioceptors. Proprioceptors are the sensors in our joint capsules, muscle tendon units, and fascia that provides the body with the information needed to produce coordinated movement. It is essential to consider the “information” that our exercises send to the body when designing training programs.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn and describe how the principles of Applied Functional Science™ are consistent with information provided by proprioceptors.

2. Learn and appreciate the important role of proprioceptors in coordinating functional movements.

3. Learn and differentiate among proprioceptors based on what information they provide.

4. Learn and design movements to maximize the activation of different proprioceptors.

5. Learn and modify training programs based on the characteristics of proprioceptors.

Course Content

CR-ProprioceptorsStreaming Video(Required)
CR-ProprioceptorsOnline Test(Required)